Erin A. Reynolds’ Story


Learning and Coping with
Erin A. Reynolds’ Story

Some of what made Erin special

She is a real child of God. She could have tough conversations with people, but still make them feel loved. A great communicator and friend.

What her loved ones learned

Losing a cousin isn’t the same as a parent, child or sibling, but I can’t explain that to my heart. My biggest lesson was that this was my journey and I had to learn to navigate through the darkness. Thank the Lord for pulling me out of it and lifting the heaviness.

Advice for others

Take your time through your healing journey and don’t let anyone rush you.

Growing and coping

I feel like a completely different person. I don’t put up with drama anymore. I was a people-pleaser for my entire life and now I don’t care as much about what people think. I have Jesus and a therapist to help me through this process.

Story by: Tanya Williams