Moses T. Odum


Learning and Coping with
Moses T. Odum’s Story

Some of what made Moses special

Moses was a kind, warm person. He loved bringing people together and having a good time. He spoke Spanish fluently and had a special charm. Moses was a gentle giant who didn’t say much, but when he did, it mattered a lot. Through his organization, Mushed Mouth Media, he organized music events that brought DJs and artists together.
Even though he was no dancer, he had a deep love for music. Purple was his favorite color, and he was a mama’s boy. While he didn’t plan on having kids, he had a soft spot for them. Moses was a generous soul, often helping homeless people. Once, he even literally gave the shoes off of his feet to a person in need. He volunteered independently to support homeless and underserved communities, showing the pureness of his heart.

What his loved ones learned

Becoming a mother means your life isn’t just yours anymore; it’s all about your kids. Losing Moses was like losing a part of who I am. Life and death are real, and I’ve faced the loss of my father and other family members. But losing a child is a different kind of pain. Accepting that Moses isn’t here anymore is incredibly hard. Grieving is unique for everyone, and explaining the pain of losing a child is tough. Many people understand losing a family member, but losing a child is something unforgettable.

Advice for others

In the black community, mental health is often looked down upon. People of color tend to keep family matters private, especially when it comes to mental health issues. But it’s important to know that it’s okay to seek help. Talking to a therapist or reaching out to trustworthy individuals can make a difference. Understanding your child is crucial. If you notice them pulling away, speak up. Learn about their friends, activities, and interests. This way, you can catch any signs and take the necessary steps to help them.

Growing and coping

In the midst of my own growth and healing, I founded Musch Love Foundation. Our goal is to shed light on mental health issues and the challenges faced by communities, such as suicide, overdose, and bullying. I hope that by raising awareness, we can save someone else’s child.

Despite the devastating loss, I’ve managed to strengthen my connection with my other children and grandchildren. I pay closer attention to them, showing that I care. As a single mother raising three boys, I learned on the go. Today, even after facing such a profound loss, I’ve become a better mother, grandmother, daughter, and supporter to fellow mothers. I’m also an advocate in the community.

If Musch Love Foundation can save just one young person, it’s a success in my book.

Story by: Shelia Blockson

If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or need emotional or mental health-related support, please contact 988 or a local trusted support.